Therapy in India
Therapy in India
Because finding help shouldn’t be so hard

Are you thinking about seeing a therapist?

Maybe you’re dealing with a challenging situation.

Or you’ve consistently been feeling stressed, depressed or anxious.

Or you feel like something’s holding you back and you want to understand yourself better. 

It takes courage to decide to get help and to explore therapy as an option, especially when you're not doing great. But chances are, you don’t know how to start, where to go or who to talk to. It's not easy.


we're here to make it easier.

Explore the links below to get started with learning the basics, to find a therapist or hear about personal experiences of therapy*. 

*We use the term therapy to refer to psychotherapy or 'talk' therapy. 


Find: therapist databases AND OTHER RESOURCES

We've put together some credible resources for you to find a therapist or access other forms of help. Some of these include:

  • Therapist databases compiled by iCall (TISS), The Mind Clan, and our own Mumbai-specific list

  • Helplines by iCall, Parivartan and Lifeline foundation for more references and emergency care

  • Clinics and online platforms for therapy

For more references, please go to the Find page.