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For consumers, by consumers 

This website is a resource for beginners, not experts. It simplifies everything related to accessing quality psychotherapy in India, and is a space to have real conversations around therapy and mental health. 

  • It is an independent source of information, not affiliated with any business and not trying to sell anything. Any sponsored content will be restricted to the blog section and will be highlighted as such.

  • Its written by fellow consumers and not psychology experts, which means that it is more relatable, readable and practical. We look to strike a balance between providing too much information and over-simplifying.

  • Our strongest bias is a bias towards quality. We will aggregate the best resources for you. We welcome feedback and will keep improving the quality of information provided.

  • We are committed to honesty, integrity and transparency.



  • You don’t NEED help. If you seek it, it doesn’t mean you can’t get by on your own. It means you’re choosing to be proactive. Take advantage of all the resources available to you, to live the life you want.

  • You don’t have to be a victim to external circumstances and relationships. While you may not be able to change them, you can change how you deal with them and feel about them.

  • One size does not fit all. What works for you, may not work for someone else, and vice versa. Only you will know what works best for you. So explore all your options and choose for yourself.

  • Giving yourself all the support you can get, rather than trying to get through it alone, is one of the bravest and most loving things to do for yourself.





Megha is passionate about enabling individuals to thrive, by focusing on their well-being, sense of purpose and personal growth. She writes, coaches, develops resources and facilitates programs for this purpose. She believes that therapy is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to live fully and to their potential. Megha calls herself a personal growth geek and enjoys expressing herself through writing and dancing. You can learn more on her website and blog, www.helloosunshine.com, and follow her on Instagram here.



Elita is a facilitator-freelancer-blogger who has previously worked full-time in the development sector. She currently runs workshops on expressive writing to unearth 'the stories we tell ourselves', engages with like-minded organizations to create human-centered content and gives in to the inner-nomad when her spirit needs recharging. Elita has been blogging since 2010 on themes such as body positivity, travel, mental health, and well-being. You can learn more on her website and blog, www.nomadicthunker.com, and follow her on Instagram here.

Founder’s notE


My hope is to reach every person who’s open to getting help, who’s ready to start moving forward, particularly in India. It takes strength and courage to take that first step, and it feels imperative to make this journey easier.


I’ve benefited tremendously from working with a psychotherapist over many years. I was living in the US when I first sought a therapist. By the time I moved to NYC, it was my third time finding a new therapist and it no longer felt super daunting. I had developed a systematic approach to finding a good therapist, which included using several online databases for names and having a list of questions and criteria to filter through therapists.


When I moved to India, I constantly had people confide in me about needing help and not knowing what to do. I’ve spent many hours and days responding to emails and having conversations about mental health and how to get help. I tried to find online resources similar to the ones I had used in the US, and was shocked to find nothing of quality. I was also dismayed to hear about negative experiences people were having with poorly qualified therapists.


Over 2016-2017, I noticed that attitudes towards therapy were shifting and many more people were now open to and actively seeking help. To support my family and friends, I began to collect therapist references and created a beginner's guide to mental health and therapy in India. By 2018, I realised that I had a wealth of useful information that was sitting unused, which needed a better platform to reach more people. Thus came therapyinindia.com. 


There’s a lot to be done and it cannot be done alone. My hope is to develop effective ways of crowdsourcing and moderating quality content and therapist references. My hope is to reach every person who’s open to getting help, who’s ready to start moving forward, particularly in India. It takes strength and courage to take that first step, and it feels imperative to make this journey easier.


- Megha