Misconceptions vs realities of therapy

While Indians embrace many types of healing and communal support systems, most of us are reluctant about psychotherapy, which is essentially healing and growth through conversation with a trained professional. This is partly driven by the misconceptions we have around therapy, which include:


Misconception: It won’t really help and is not worth spending money on.

Reality: Therapy helps you understand the root of your problems and build long-term skills to deal with mental and emotional challenges. Merely starting therapy is often a positive turning point in your struggles.

Misconception: It’s hard to talk with a stranger and open up about very personal and vulnerable topics

Reality: Therapists are trained to create safe, confidential and non-judgmental spaces to focus on your life and needs. It is often easier and less risky to talk to a therapist than to a friend.

Misconception: Going for therapy is a sign of weakness, we should be able to work things out on our own.

Reality: Seeking therapy is actually a sign of courage and strength to face your challenges and get better. Even in the absence of severe issues, going for therapy means you’re proactive about increasing self-awareness and getting support to make the most of your life.